Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shemp's Streak Over

It was disappointing to see Shemp's streak end tonight. And not just because that injury looked painful. Next time Shemp's in a slump, Snorre can sit him without a problem. None of that dead weight in the lineup.

I don't want to hear about how tough it will be for the Yanks without Sheffield and Matsui. When you have the highest payroll in baseball by $80 million, you oughta have the depth to deal with injuries.

Look at the Sox. They've been without Crisp, their leadoff hitter, for a month. When Wells went down, everyone was ripping Epstein for trading away Arroyo. But with the emergence of Wily Mo Pena as a solid replacement for Coco, you've gotta give Theo credit. The guy made sure to have a deep bench, because you never know who'll get hurt.

The Yankees' bench is pitiful. There's no pinch-hitter that scares you. Bernie's lost it, as that play in right showed earlier this evening. Phillips and Crosby are good for defense, but can't hit. Cairo can hit for average, but has no power. And Melky Cabrera seems to handle New York about as well as Chuck Knoblauch. Cashman once again has proven to be nothing but a buffoon.
How long till George regrets kissing and making up with the guy back in November? Heck, he's probably kicking himself already.

- Sweet game tonight. I was in the car listening in the 6th, when Villone got out of the inning. Sterling and Waldman were all horny, and I was thinking, "damn, here we go again!" But Loretta and the Sox pulled through. Farnworthless had another lousy outing. And I'm starting to agree with Yankee Despiser about Charlie Brown. Rivera had another rocky inning tonight, giving up a costly insurance run. Is he going the way of Randy Johnson?

So when all is said and done, the Sox win two out of three, overshadowing A-Schmuck's heroics from last night.

Yanks now play Oakland for the weekend. They face Zito tomorrow night, the same guy they ripped apart on Opening Night. But the Yanks trot out their three shakiest starters -- Wang, Wright, and the Old Unit.


detective said...

I hate the Yankees more than you do. I remember in the late 80s, that piece of white trash Don Mattingly refusing to cut his long hair....I remember hating the Yankees back (except for Dave Winfield-he was cool)and despising Yankees fans as well. Who in their right mind could possibly have been a Yankees fan? We had Keith Hernandez, Strawberry (BEFORE he sold out) 'Doc' Gooden (BEFORE he sold out!) HoJo...and even Gary Carter rocked! I can't believe I remember this shit.

Now, I hate professional sports altogether - it's too commercial. I know nothing about it today.

alex said...

yea the yanks lineup should still be good enough to score some runs. but lets be cant compare coco crisp to sheffield and matsui. thats 60+ HR and 220RBI gone right there.

Manny Ortiz said...

Gimme a break, Alex. Last year the Braves had no Chipper for a while. They had a bunch of pitchers on the DL, too, including Thomson and Hampton. And about half of the Yankees' payroll. And they did just fine.

Or how about the Red Sox from last year? Schilling and Foulke, their #1 starter and closer, were injured for pretty much the whole year. Yet, nobody complained. And they still ended up tied for first in the East.

What happened to the Yankees' great farm system?

alex said...

first of all, i agreed with you when you said it wasnt the end of the world for the yanks.

but even the biggest yankee despiser needs to admit that coco crisp doesnt compare to either sheff or matsui, let alone both.

also, what are you giving theo credit for? sure, he brought in depth in the OF. but he sacrificed depth in the rotation (which is clearly more important). lenny dinardo? come on. and he should have seen it coming. everyone knew david wells was at the end of his rope.