Tuesday, May 02, 2006

First Blood

There are still at least 18 more games between the Yankees and the Sox this year, but it was nice to see Boston come out with the win yesterday, especially considering how they won. The ex-Sox stunk it up last night, with Damon going 0-for-4 and Myers giving up the homer to Papi that basically sealed the deal for the Sox. The Ortiz homer was sweet, considering that during the offseason, all the Yankee fans said "that's it; now that we have a lefty specialist in Myers, we're gonna get Ortiz out." Didn't happen last night.

Wang had another bad start last night, pitching only 5 innings and exposing the Yankees' weak pen. And while Small pitched two good innings, again - we saw this last year in September and the playoffs - the guy is not a reliever. He had a bad start to the 8th and opened the door for Boston. I still think '05 was a fluke for the guy, but even last year, he couldn't pitch out of the pen. I think in a few weeks, he and Jaret Wright will switch places, with Small taking the #5 slot in the rotation and Wright becoming the long reliever.

Chacon goes for the Yanks tonight, facing Beckett, who had a lousy outing last week against the Indians. Beckett, of course, is responsible for one of the top ten moments on any Yankee despiser's list. Let's see if he can take away the aura and mystique once again.

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