Sunday, May 28, 2006

Still Worthless

I hated that stinging feeling I had after David Ortiz struck out with the bases full (or as Hickman would say, the "sacks loaded") on Wednesday night. I didn't want to hear about how the Yankees finally got Big Papi out in a big spot. Or how Kyle Farnsworth finally had his "Yankee moment."

So against a AAA-team with a 13-game losing streak, Farnsworthless (with a little help from Chuck Cabrera) showed that the Ortiz moment was just a fluke. He gave up a homer to Angel Berroa, and just like that one of the AL's lowest payrolls beat the $200 million behemoth. Not only that, but the embarrassing loss overshadowed Mr. Intangibles' 2000th hit.

The Yanks tried mounting a comeback in the 9th, but the slumping Giambi (batting .197 in May) grounded into a double play to end things. How long till Victor Conte gets his next phone call from Juice-on?

Too bad the Yankees were back to normal today, blowing out the crappy Royals. Of course, when it's the Royals, A-Schmuck shows up, and hits a couple of dingers. At least Schilling and the Sox won to hold their ground on New York.

- One more thought: do you think Joe Snorre could ever do what Jimmy Leyland is doing with the Tigers? The Yanks and Tigers have a four-game set coming up, in what should be the most exciting Yankees-Tigers series since the days of Jack Morris.

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