Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ringo Gets Rare Clutch Hit

Another YES classic last night. After YD gleefully wrote a piece titled "Texas Shuts Down Yankees Offense," I should've known something bad was gonna happen.

Again, the Yankees' offensive outburst doesn't impress me, even with Giambaby being out last night. Ringo Posada is still being paid $10 million a year, and it's about time the guy got a big hit. When was the last time he got one? I think he had a single in that horrible inning in the '03 ALCS against Pedro. Then again, anyone could've hit Pedro that inning. But otherwise, Posada maybe gets a big hit once or twice a season, in May and August. Who will even remember this game in years from now, except for YES addicts?

Besides, Texas's bullpen, aside from Otsuka, is awful. Maybe some of them have been off to good starts, but c'mon, nobody in there can do a whole lot. Benoit, Bauer, and Mahay are scrubs. And that guy Feldman. Who's next, Steve Rosenberg?

- If anything, I was glad to have an SITYS moment with Chacon. I knew all those baserunners allowed would catch up to him. Facing a good offensive team like Texas, Chacon had to know he'd get hammered.

And the other Cashman genius move of '05, Aaron Small, now has an ERA of 8.71. Somebody predicted he'd be done by June. Keep it up, Small!

And again, Rivera looked far too human. It's already been six weeks into the year. While nobody will confuse Rivera's decline with Bonds, Lidge, and the Big Unit, however, Charlie Brown is clearly losing it. If you would've told me a year ago that batters would be hitting .294 against him for any 6-week period in the season, I would've laughed at you. Even as a Yankee hater.

Who knows? Rivera may still turn things around and return to old form. But if the playoffs started tomorrow, how would Yankee fans feel about Rivera coming into the 9th in a one-run ballgame? Hey, maybe we won't have to hear Sterling say "it's amazing how Rivera turns it into an 8-inning game" anymore.


The Yankee Despiser said...

How about Chacon finally showing his true colors?

Anonymous said...

The Yankee despiser follows the Yankees like a true fan. Very nice! ;)

alex said...

just out of curiosity, what do the yankees have to do to impress you? when a pitcher does well, you're not impressed because of one thing or another. when they put up a lot of runs, you come up with even more excuses for the opposing team.

so just tell everyone what would impress you, and we'll see if the yankees manage it

Manny Ortiz said...

Alex: they gotta do what any $200 million team worth their payroll oughta do: kick everyone's butt and win the world series.

Besides, you're a Yankee fan. You know darn well that if your team doesn't win it all, the year's a huge disappointment, as it's been every yr after 2000. So there ya go.

Coop said...

Hey YD - I always wanted to ask...why do you call Posada "Ringo"? I think it's funny, but no idea why you call him that (looks nothing like Ringo Starr or even Ringo in Pulp Fiction). I like Shemp, and I get that