Monday, December 20, 2004

Yankees Starting Five: $67 Million

I saw this on Mike'd Up on Sunday night - when the Yankees get Randy Johnson, their five starters (Johnson, Mussina, Pavano, Wright, Brown) will all make $67 million in 2005, which is more than 18 teams' entire payrolls. But there's no problem with disparity, right Junkee fans?

By the way, check out - another great Yankee despiser site.


Anonymous said...

I don’t have any problem with it at all, as long as the Yankees continue to be profitable – which they are.

And allitalian, you are one sorry piece of shit if you have to link to my words, written here, on your site. Then, on top of it, you copy your comments here to your site.

What’s the matter, you can’t think of something original to write about without my help? Or is it that no one gives a turd what you write? Either way it’s pathetic that you need my comments (and a Yankme Despiser referral) to attract people to your insignificant website. But then again, you are what you are. A desperate wanna-be with no takers.

I look on your site and I see nothing but ‘0 comments’ all the way down the page. On this site, I’m the only one who comments. And the only person you’d be referring to your site would be me. And the funny thing is, you losers will spend words and words avoiding the actual issues I raise, that’s why it’s so fun. It’s not like you’re taken seriously by anyone, including me. You guys just make great punching bags.

And you maggots know who I am when I post, I don’t need to sign up for an ID just to abuse the likes of you. You all have tried to ‘scare’ me from ripping you new assholes all day every day. I haven’t heard from the ‘hitman’ in a while – as if you could do anything but threaten. If you know who I am, then come and get some. In fact, I welcome it. It obviously takes more than one of you jerk-offs to handle me.

Your whole purpose with this site is based on pure hypocrisy, and I’m not going to let you forget it. I get too much pleasure out of seeing you morons so angry.

And Theo IS being outbid AND pushed around.


All Theo failures and it’s not even January. At least he lucked into Clement, so Wells is your number 2 now. LOL at you and allidiot because I know it pisses you off.

allitalian said...

Try being modest why don't you...

I asked for you to get an ID so I knew what posts were yours.... I'm not hiring a "hitman." If I honestly wanted to find a dumbfounded Yankees fan to "RIP A NEW ASSHOLE" I could just go to the local bronx gay bar, im sure I could find tons in there.... honestly your comments where unnecessary and made you look rather silly.

In response to the 0 comments, nobody looks at my page, its a page that I keep for my own satisfaction and sometimes when I write something good I'll tell my friends to check it out, but no Yankees goons are frequent visitors....

and saying i was unoriginal for putting my last post on my own page... it was because I make several points on Yankee Despiser page and I'd rather post them on my own page than have to look through his page to find what I said, it's not like I put your bonehead comments in my posts, I only posted my own comments, and included a link so it didn't look like I was responded to nothing....

honestly, your comments are ridiculously unnecessary... I don't "need" you for ideas to write about. Unlike the yankee despiser i try to only post when I have a lot of points to make, I'm not trying to be a newspaper here, just a source to get my own opinions out.

Get an ID.... Trust Me I'm Not Coming To Your House

You Said....
"On this site, I’m the only one who comments. And the only person you’d be referring to your site would be me. And the funny thing is, you losers will spend words and words avoiding the actual issues I raise, that’s why it’s so fun. It’s not like you’re taken seriously by anyone, including me. "

My response:
You call us hipocrats on issues but you lack serious detail. Then you go and say that I am avoiding the actual issues you raise. When this contradicts the point you made that I am unoriginal and only respond to your comments on my page. Quit being a bitch... I write about what I want to -- you are the one blowing smoke up your own ass. I am neither a yankee bashing site nor a red sox praising site so chill out. I haven't seen you make a point backed up with facts. I have heard the "AS LONG AS THE YANKEES HAVE TO REVENUE THERE'S NO PROBLEM" response a million times... You my friend are the one avoiding the real issues. We raise points and you complain with typical yankee responses.... whatever friend - I'm not the one losing sleep.

allitalian said...

Now aside from my comment where for some reason I had to defend myself here are my points to comment on your original post....

Aside from the $67 Mil. That The Yankees Would Owe To Their Starting 5, There Is Also The Matter Of Money Which They Will Be Chipping In Toward Javier Vasquez in LA, I'm not sure But I Can Imagine They Sent Some Cash To Chicago To Unload Contreras, And Then You Have To Remember That They're Gonna Be Taking On Another $3 Million For Kaz Ishii That The Dodgers Are Now Throwing Into The Johnson Deal. I'm back in Boston right now where dial-up is as good as it gets so I don't have time to check anything myself so feel free to bash me if I am wrong on any of this.

Anonymous said...


$30-35 million or so for the Sox starters, which is also more than a few teams entire payroll...

And David Wells, opening day starter!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's the thing about Red Sox fans.

They have this holier than thou attitude regarding salary when they bought a WS ring themselves. That's what makes these guys hypocritical losers.

Then they get all pissy when I call them on it. I love how allitalian tries to justify plagiarizing my comments. Nice try.

allitalian said...

what are you talking about

I didn't plagarize anything, nowhere on in my post do I post your comments, i included a link you dumbass. I can't believe you think you're right on this