Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wright and Womack? Ca$hman Is Senile

Why do the Junkees fall in love with one-year wonders? First it was Chris Hammond a couple of years back. He had been a journeyman for years, had one solid year in Atlanta, and the Junkees picked him up. He stunk as a Yankee, so they got rid of him.

Yet, they're willing to pay Jaret Wright $7 million a year for three years despite the fact that he's had only one good year, and wouldn't you know - it was in Atlanta! Face it - Leo Mazzone, the Braves' pitching coach, is a magician. That's why so many pitchers did well there, and then faltered elsewhere. Wasn't Steve Avery supposed to be the next Tom Glavine?

Granted, Wright had a better year in '04 than Lieber did, but Lieber has a track record. I would have picked up the $8 million option. It's only a million more, and you know what you're going to get with him. I bet the Junkees are kicking themselves for letting him get away.

Then you have Tony Womack, who hit .224 for three teams in '03. He was pretty good for the Cardinals in '04, but think of this - his career OBP is .319. That stinks. Also, he was hitting ahead of Walker, Pujols, Rolen, and Edmonds. Now you could make a similar argument that with Jeter, A-Schmuck, and Sheffield, he'll see pitches to hit. But you can't deny that the Junkees are banking on the fact that he had one good year and therefore, he deserves a 2-year contract.

Or maybe they got him for the same reason they got a washed up Mike Stanton - they're living in the past. And they want to make sure that Game 7 of the 2001 World Series doesn't happen again.

Ah, joy in Yankee despiser land.


Anonymous said...

This blog is a joke. Are you not intelligent enough to write a blog analyzing your own team, so you have to stoop to the infantile level of slamming everything Yankee related. You guys blow.

Manny Ortiz said...

maybe they got wright cause they're still traumatized from '97. How long till Sandy Alomar becomes the Yanks' backup catcher?

allitalian said...

i was also gonna comment on the 2 wins Wright had against the Yankees in 97... but i agree with the one year wonder emphasis... in the previous 4 seasons leading up to '04, Wright won only 9 games in contrast to the 15 he won in a pitcher friendly Atlanta. Not to meantion a horrible division that Wright was given to pitch against. Wright for Lieber is a wash. I'd have stuck with a shorter lieber deal over 3 with right.
He's just another piece of a trade they'll be working on in the future, a reminder of Jeff Weaver.

Anonymous said...

Womack a dumb move?
If you bothered to look up some statistics, you’d see that Womack’s season and lifetime numbers are almost identical to Cairo’s, only Womack has much more speed on the bases. And he’d be batting 9th, not at the top of the order, you moron. We have someone on the way by the name of Beltran for that. (funny how you don’t know even fundamental things about a team you built this sorry excuse for a blog around)

Wright vs. Leiber
You bozos have, time and time again, made a massive assumption about Lieber: that he is healthy. It’s amazing that two dweebs who barely know their butt from a baseball think that they know more about Jon Leiber than the Yankee coaches and trainers.

The hilarious thing is that all of you dorks said the same thing about Andy Petitte. What happened to him? Why the hell do you think the Yankees passed on him? You couldn’t see it coming, but they did. But then again, you’re so retarded you couldn’t see a freight train coming.