Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What are the Junkees Waiting For?

Can somebody tell me why George and Ca$hman have been sitting on their hands doing nothing so far? Well, let's be fair - they did re-sign Miguel Cairo.

Maybe they are so afraid of getting burned, as they've gotten several times over the past few years, that they're going to sit back, see what happens, then jump in later to sign the guys they need. Of course, they run the risk of those guys getting picked up by other teams.

Maybe they don't have a plan. The Red Sox, the A's, the Giants, and some other teams have been thinking about which guys they want. They have guys they want to re-sign, and others to take their places in case they don't get who they want in the first place. That's why the Red Sox will not be held hostage by Jason Varitek or Pedro Martinez. No matter who stays and who goes, they'll be okay for '05. The Junkees, though, don't seem to know what they want. Sure, they'd love to have Randy Johnson, but other that that, there are talks that they may pursue Jaret Wright, Eric Milton, Al Leiter, Ron Villone (!), Russ Ortiz... otherwise, they don't seem to have much of a mentality.

That's why I could see them missing the playoffs in '05.

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Anonymous said...

What are the Yankees waiting for?!?!

Are you that dumb to ask such a question?

There is this deadline called the Arbitration Deadline (11:00 PM, 12/7). Since you haven’t figured that out on your own I’ll go really slowly:

The arb deadline is the last point where a MLB team can offer a potential free agent arbitration to determine their salary for a one year contract. If another team signs a potential free agent that has been offered arbitration, like say Pedro, before that deadline, that team would have to give up a draft pick. Get it?

When the deadline passes, the transaction season begins. Deals begin to pick up at the Winter Meetings. With respects to the Yankees and Unit, Arizona’s options will crystallize after players like Pedro are off the market. If Martinez re-signs with Boston or signs with the Yanks, Unit’s value in a trade plummets. If Pedro signs with any other team, RJ’s value would increase.

The Yankees have a plan alright, you’re obviously just too dim to understand it.

Going from 101 wins to missing the playoffs, yeah right!