Thursday, December 16, 2004

Johnson and Beltran: Yankees in '05

Buster Olney, among others, are willing to bet the farm that both Randy Johnson and Carlos Beltran will wear pinstripes in 2005. Just another example of how the system stinks. The Astros want Beltran back in the worst way, but will not be able to compete in terms of salary, so they'll lose him. How can any Yankee fan with half a brain tell me that that's totally fair? Sure, they're not breaking any rules; they're taking advantage of a lousy system. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the Yankees are buying themselves another championship for 2005. Their payroll will be in the $200 millions, at least $50 million higher than the next team, so how a Yankee fan can get excited when their team buys World Series is beyond me.

As far as Randy Johnson, again, the other 29 teams know he's good, but they can't afford him, so the Yankees will get him. I guess the Yankee despisers will have to pray that this is the year he breaks down. I know, he was good in '04, but consider that Johnson has never pitched for a high-pressure team. Montreal, Seattle, Houston, and Arizona are places where the teams are happy just to make the playoffs. He seems like a sensitive fellow, so who knows - maybe he gets bombed in his first start, gets booed, and it's all downhill from there. One can only dream....


Anonymous said...

I guess you’ve regressed into your same old tired dribble, given your Pedro/Yankee theories were blown out of the water by reality. Oh, how embarrassing it must be to be exposed as the ignorant hypocrite that you are.

So, yes. You can dream, and you do so liberally. You fill the pages of this site with your fantasies.

But here’s the reality, Yankee fans will be exited just as much as your lackey, Manny Ortiz, was after Boston bought a World Series championship. In fact, I’ll be just that much more exited knowing that you, and your like, will be puking your guts out with disgust as my $200 million dollar team makes a distant memory of the Red Sox and all that will attempt to stand in their way.

Question (that I know you’ll never answer): Given that Omar Manaya has signed Pedro and is pursuing Manny, Sosa, Delgado and Alou, is he trying to buy a championship? All of these players are top salaried FAs.

BTW: Johnson is going to the Yankees, not purely because of money. He’s going because that’s the ONLY team he will waive his no trade clause for. That means, no amount of money in the world from anyone will make him sign, unless it’s with the Yankees. Why? Because, he wants to be with a winner. He can make the same money in Arizona. Could make the same cash in Chicago or St. Louis. He could even make the same cash in Boston or in Queens.

allitalian said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa....

I'll admit Boston bought what they needed to beat the Yankees from the 2003 to the 2004 off-season (Schilling and Foulke)

But how is that different from the Eagles picking up Terrell Owens.

Those 2 signings did not raise the Red Sox payroll as much as the 2 SMALLEST Yankees blunders. Let's call them Javy & Jason... The Red Sox make moves to accomodate new players, the Yankees simply buy new contracts onto the roster and buy contracts off of their roster by dumping players onto other teams. Let's call one Kenny Lofton and another... well Javy in 2005.

Let us look for a moment at the recent year signings of Kevin Millar, Bronson Arroyo, Bill Mueller, Todd Walker, Pokey Reese, Gabe Kapler, those are NOT "bought" players, rather "acquired" players. You don't know going into a season whether the Red Sox are going to bomb or not... A "bought" player is one who if does not get voted into the All Star Game is seen as a failure. Examples being Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez, MIKE MUSSINA, David Justice... I'm really just too lazy to go on here, but if you honestly think the Red Sox and Yankees are the same offenders you honestly have a blurred view on baseball.