Friday, December 03, 2004

Void Giambi's Contract? Dream On

Here go the crybabies again. They signed a bulked up slugger they had to know was taking the juice, benefited from his 30+ homeruns in '02 and '03, but now are crying foul that his '04 season was terrible because he was off steroids. Hey, idiots, you knew he was doing it, yet you signed him anyway. Why didn't you look for it when you gave him a physical before signing him after the '01 season? Answer: They didn't care. Only now that he stinks is it an issue. Once again, another Junkee double standard.

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Anonymous said...

I dislike the Yankees as much as anyone, and I must say this has been a banner year for them. First the whole A-Rod Saga last off season which eventually bit them in the rear, losing to the Red Sox in the ACLS (thanks to Mr. Alex "Ill do anything to win even slap the ball out of someone's hand and clap for myself after hitting it 50 ft" Rodriguez, and now Giambi admitting what we knew all along. I think it's just funny: Curse of the Giambino.