Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Pedro to Mets: Rubs Yankee Fans the Wrong Way

Yankee fans are probably upset that Pedro is going to New York. Sure, the Mets are nutjobs for giving this guy a 4-year deal, but with George, you know it's as much about being on the back page of the newspaper as it is about winning. And Pedro does that. He puts the Mets on the back page of the papers.

When Pedro made his "call the Yankees my daddy" statement, he wanted George to sign him. He thought that George was going to shell out the big bucks, but even George wasn't that stupid. Still, George must have assumed that he was going back to the Red Sox, so he didn't bother pursuing Pedro. So the question remains - had George known he'd become a Met, would he have pushed harder?

When the Mets dominated the papers in the mid to late '80s, it ate George up. New York has been Yankee Town since '96, and now the Mets are trying to grab some headlines.

But you can't tell me that George wasn't interested at all; why then would he meet with Pedro? Don't tell me to drive up Boston's price, because that doesn't work with the Red Sox. George had lukewarm interest, but didn't blow Pedro out of the water, so Pedro's a Met, and the Mets gain some points in the PR war.


Anonymous said...

Nice try at rationalizing a bonehead signing.

Yankee fans, as was WELL DOCUMENTED IN THE NY MEDIA, didn’t want George to sign Pedro. We hate the guy.

If you check the timeline of the Pedro negotiations, what happened the DAY AFTER Pedro met with Steinbrenner?

THEO EPSTEIN FLEW DOWN TO MEET WITH PEDRO AND UPPED THEIR ORIGINAL 2 YEAR OFFER TO 3 YEARS. All without Steinbrenner so much as making one single bid.

So, as usual, you are WRONG.

Like I said yesterday, with Pedro signing with the Mets, the Yankees are the big winners. The Sox are left with a 42 year-old bloated David Wells as their opening day pitcher and the Mets get a diva with about two years left on his shoulder when they are paying him for 4 years.

You, like the p*&sy you are, make a desperate attempt to spin a signing that, when YOU THOUGHT he was going to the Yanks, you ripped. Let’s review:

“When Pedro made his infamous "call the Yankees my daddy" speech a while back, he was planting the seeds to become a Junkee in '05. Why? Because they're the only team dumb enough to give him four years guaranteed at a ridiculous amount.

He had the highest ERA of his career this past year, a walk year. You would think that he'd be motivated to do even better than he's ever done to show that he's worth the big bucks. So how do you think he'll perform with a contract that runs through 2008?

He gave up 26 home runs in '04, tying his career high. His 61 walks were his most since 1998. He allowed more hits this past year than ever before.”

Peter Gammons summed it up perfectly today:

“But while Stu Sucherman, the public relations friend of Mets owner Fred Wilpon, might think this is the way back to the hearts of New Yorkers, this seems to be a typical Mets maneuver. They're built to win the back pages of newspapers in January, but come September they're trying to figure out what to do next year. Someday they'll figure out fans want winners, which entails performance, not promises and glowing talk-show praise leading into a Jets game.”

And there are many more of Pedro’s deteriorating stats here:

Can’t you see how green the Yankee Empire is over this signing? LOL You can have your rinky-dink, over the hill Pedro. We’ll go for Johnson, Beltran, another 100 win season and a championship. The Yankees are on a totally different level, one that’s clearly beyond your comprehension.

If you are going to spew your Yankee-hating sleaze, at least get your facts straight and be consistent. You are one pathetic piece of turd.

Anonymous said...

Great comment. This guy is a total pud. Here’s even more about the stupidity of that move and the Yankee “influence”.

“Minaya told everyone Pedro would reverse the Mets' four-year downward spiral -- if not by himself, then at least as the starting point. The GM went so far as to seek the Yankees' counsel on Sunday, asking a high-ranking official if he should offer Martinez that critical fourth year.

‘Definitely, you should,’ is what the Yankee official told Minaya. And why not? In the Yankees' eyes, the Mets were doing them a favor, stripping their AL East rivals of a key weapon.”

The Yankees did everything they could to get the Mets to sign Pedro.

allitalian said...

Honestly, I feel this entire thread is somewhat ridiculous. There is no way this is a topic worth arguing, but I do want to say something to the first annonymous poster... That for one, you should get yourself an ID to post under instead of remaining annonymous if you want to continue to point out flaws in statistics.

And number two, yourself (and I'm sure I can tell who you are in other posts also by your use of lame Internet terms) have made several statistical errors. You might just be the one man queer enough to use terms such as LOL when speaking of sports.

I'm just going to reiterate, that it is definitely not worth arguing over this shit, it's completely opinional and by the way nobody has any clue what really goes on in the boss' head.