Friday, December 10, 2004

Looking at Other Teams' Pockets

When the Yankees thought they had the Randy Johnson deal worked out, the only thing preventing Arizona from taking Vazquez was the money. Johnson is owed $16 million for one year; Vazquez is owed $35.5 million over the next three years (great job, Ca$hman). The D'Backs asked for the $19.5 million difference. The Yankees were only willing to give $12-13 mil. Now that the D'Backs have signed Troy Glaus and are on the cusp of signing Russ Ortiz, the Junkees are saying that, hey, Arizona doesn't need the money, so how dare they ask us for millions.

Hey idiots, what do you care how much money they have? They asked you for money - either you make the deal or you don't. Whether they have money or not has nothing to do with anything. This is not charity, where you want to make sure the recipient really needs it. This is a business. If you don't want to give them the money, then it shouldn't matter what their situation is. So they pleaded poverty to you? Who cares?

That's just dumb. I guess this was the Yankee way of covering themselves in case Johnson ended up being a bomb - "Hey, we did Arizona a favor. They really needed the money."

I'm telling you, being a Yankee despiser becomes more fun by the day.


allitalian said...

Seems a little like the Red Sox innability to come up with that extra million to complete the A-Rod deal... but that worked out just fine.

the only difference, the yankees actually have the difference but are playing hardball -- anything short of Randy Johnson or one of the big three from Oakland and the Yankee's offseason looks like a waste. But don't overlook the fact that they're already shopping overseas trying to buy out the contracts of the up and coming korean pitchers.

PizzaBagel said...

Any fair trade should theoretically be one of equal values on each end - x for x, or approximately so. But since when have the Junkees wanted to trade fairly? It shouldn't matter whether the D'Backs are strapped for cash or are oozing tons of money. But I'm still hoping that the Junkees get Pedro by offering him an outrageous ($ and years) contract, and they get burned big-time.

Anonymous said...


Dsvid Wells to the rescue!!!!!

How ironic.

allitalian said...

first off wells was looking at the yankees for a while...

he's a much better investment for the buck than jaret wright

it's not david wells to the rescue.... as a matter of fact i'll be impressed if the Yankees number 4 is as remotely established as david wells. I'm still im not giving up on Pavano/Hudson to boston...

Anonymous said...

On David Wells:
Yeah, he was looking at the Yanks but they were ignoring him. If you will try and recall, the Yankees let him go because he:

1. Bailed on mandatory workouts in August 03, leading to a major slump down the stretch.
2. Was a last minute scratch from Game 5(!) of the Series due to his back, due to a lack of conditioning
3. Would not agree to attend workouts during contract negotiations

Therefore he had to go. If Boston thinks that someone at his age and physical condition is going to be there when it matters in October, DREAM ON.

So, if it’s Wells or Pavano. . . Do I even have to ask? Pavano is almost a done deal in the Bronx. They’ve already come to terms, so you can give up on him.

On Johnson:
You would have to be the biggest idiot (along the lines of the guys who write this blog) to go for anything Arizona has offered so far for RJ. And guess what? The Unit only will approve a trade to NY at this point. So it’s either to the Yanks or stay at home. The pressure is squarely on the D-backs because their partners have demanded that they move Johnson. It’s doubly compounded because Arizona has spent money elsewhere, in anticipation of clearing away salary. Every time a major pitcher is signed, Johnson’s worth on the trade market does down. He will be a Yankee and he’ll come at a relatively reasonable price, so don’t cream in your panties just yet. In fact, Arizona is begging the Yanks to come back to the table today. (NY Post)

Oh and I love how geniuses on this blog proclaim the off-season a wash for the Yankees if they don’t sign Johnson or one of the big three when it’s still December. You just showed how long you’ve been following this game. BTW: Do you seriously think that any one of Oakland’s big three are ESSENTIAL free agent pickups? For the Yankees? What league have you been following for the past 12 months?

Opening Day Rotation (best in baseball)

“This is not charity”
Remember your quote when you start crying like the hypocritical bitch that you are when the Yankees start throwing their money around. (And pleeeze, don’t whine about being called a bitch, bitch.)

It’s refreshing to see a post from you that doesn’t mention Susyn Waldman. Congratulations!