Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pavano: Another One-Year Wonder

Going back to the theme of George loving guys who had beaten the Yankees, here you go: Pavano in the 2003 World Series.

Now there's no doubt that he had a great season in '04 - 18 wins, 3.00 ERA. But two points:

(a) His lifetime record is 57-58. So we're not talking Tim Hudson here. For the first five years of his career he did nothing. He was 12-13 in '03, and last year he was his breakout year, so granted, as a Yankee despiser you hate seeing him picking up the pace, but at the same time, let's take it easy.

(b) You might say that unlike Vazquez, he has postseason experience. True, but you have to admit that pitching for the Marlins isn't exactly pressure. It's not like being a Junkee, where you have to win. They knew that even had they got knocked out of the first round, the Florida fans would have been happy that at least they made it that far. And after the '03 ALCS (Aaron Freakin' Boone), there was a letdown by the time the Series rolled around. Nobody was paying attention. So let's be fair.

Now to be honest, I would not have thought of him as a one-year wonder, but Harold Reynolds of Baseball Tonight made the point. "They're giving him four years $39 million because he had one good year?" So I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

“When Pedro made his infamous ‘call the Yankees my daddy’ speech a while back, he was planting the seeds to become a Junkee in '05. Why? Because they're the only team dumb enough to give him four years guaranteed at a ridiculous amount. . . I ask you, does it get any better than this? “ Yankee Despiser 11/22/04

Oh, it’s so much better than that, my Yankee-hating friend, er, fraud.

Your post demonstrates a couple of things:

You are completely clueless about the Yankees. They never even submitted so much as a bid for Pedro. As I said earlier, George is just bluffing in order to run up the price on his competitors. So you missed that one by a mile.

And, of course, your beloved Mets are the team “dumb enough to give him four years”. But, you’re not man enough to own up to it. On the day of the biggest signing since Piazza, you want to talk about Pavano! Not only are you a hypocrite, you’re a coward as well.

How’s your boy Manny Ortiz taking it? Well, when he gets over it, he’ll probably have to change his name given the Mets’ interest in Ramirez. LOL His little championship team is falling apart and it isn’t even January. The Red Sox have a long way to go before they can say dynasty.

The best thing about this whole deal is that the big winners in the Pedro sweepstakes are the NEW YORK YANKEES! Pedro is no longer a factor in the AL East and the Mets are stuck with a diva attitude and a bum shoulder for the next 4 years – all without Steinbrenner making so much as a token bid.

Will it get any better than this for Yankee fans? With Johnson demanding that he be traded to only the Yankees and Carlos Beltran on the horizon, it’s getting better and better every day.

Not to mention the fun I’m going to have Monday-morning quarterbacking your ass all winter. Talk about ducks on the pond. LMFAO @ you and Manny Ortiz.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To the moron who posts as a Yankee fan/abuser:

Get a life, dude. You are just jealous that the Mets are getting the spotlight in the first major signing this winter.

That said, why doesn't the Yankee Despiser write about this signing...hmmm...maybe b/c this isn't a Mets blog but rather a YANKEE HATING blog? Hey Despiser, write something to appease this guy!!!

Anonymous said...

A Yankee fan jealous of the Mets for signing Pedro? Get a clue. Half of Mets fans don't want him, why the hell would you think Yankee fans would?