Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yankee Fans: Shaking in their Boots

These past three games have been so sweet, I can't even begin to describe. In my mind, I wrote off the Red Sox, so I wasn't expecting anything. After game 4, with the Ortiz walk-off homer, I said, okay, at least it won't be a sweep. Then was game 5, where Ortiz drove in Damon in the bottom of the 14th, and I said, cool, at least they made it somewhat interesting, so that when they lose game 6, we'll be able to say that we took it to 6 games. But after winning game 6... ooh boy!

I turned it on shortly after the Bellhorn home run (until then my wife was hogging the TV watching the WB network), and watched Shilling mow down the Junkees. Sierra looked like the old man that he is in his strike outs, and Tony Clark reminds me of the Tony Clark who hit .203 a couple of years ago. The Tigers didn't want him!

In the 8th, Arroyo got the first out, then gave up a double to Cairo. I turned off the TV. I'm not going to watch them blow the lead. It's one thing to get blown out, but to lead and then blow it? But I couldn't control myself so I turned it back on a couple of minutes later to see the score 4-2. I shut it.

A few minutes later I turned it on and the score said 4-3. The umps were reviewing a play (the A-Rod play, although I didn't know that at the time), and I just shook my head.

A half hour later or so I turned on ESPN and saw "Boston defeated New York 4-2, series tied 3-3."

If the Junkees lose tonight, it'll be sweeter than Sandy Alomar, Luis Gonzalez, and Josh Beckett combined.

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PizzaBagel said...

FYI: The cover of today's Newsday has a picture that's suitable for framing - a shot of Derek Cheater sitting in the dugout wearing the sourest of sour pusses. Be sure to get a copy, the photo's a keeper. Hope that we get to see him like that one more time in tomorrow's paper.

Three cheers for "Idiot Ball!" Go Red Sox!