Wednesday, October 20, 2004


The Despiser already recapped game 6, but I'd like to focus on one thing he just mentioned in passing.

Maybe it's all the pro-Yankee writers in this town, but it's easy to get the impression that A-Rod is a classy guy, a professional. He was even willing to move positions when he came to New York! What a team player!

And the same guys praised the classy A-Rod for fighting with Varitek back in July. "Now he's a true Yankee."

Shut up. A-Rod's an unprofessional jerk. And he proved it again last night.

What the heck was the guy thinking, trying to swipe the ball away? Hey, A-Rod, you screwed up again in a big spot. You should be used to it by now. Take the out like a man, and sit down.

Then A-Rod says, "what, do they want me to knock the guy down?" Moron.

Excellent job by the umps last night. And kudos to Francona for arguing it calmly. If he goes nuts over that play, I don't know if he gets the call. And then crybaby Torre argues for 10 minutes. Just shut up!

If anything, A-Rot screwed up in that Jeter would've been safe at second and in scoring position had he kept his hands to himself. But because of A-Rod, Jeter was stuck at first.

And need I mention what happened to Seattle after they let the guy go? They got better. A lot better. 116 wins in '01. True, the addition of Ichiro Suzuki made a difference, but you can't tell me the M's would've won more games if they had A-Rod.

Fast-forward to 2004. Texas goes from cellar-dwellers the last few years to baseball's biggest surprise, staying in the AL West chase till the last week of the season. And many were saying that Texas had the best infield in baseball. This after dumping A-Rod.

Hey, maybe the Schmets weren't totally off in not signing the guy. Then again, I'll take him any day over Kaz Matsui.

And I love hearing people say how Michael Young (A-Rod's replacement in Texas) is a borderline MVP candidate. And nobody's saying that about A-Rod this year. Loser.

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