Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Twins 2, Yankees 0; Enough Said

I don't care how the idiot Yankee fans spin their game 1 loss ("They lost game 1 last year and look what happened!"; "They got the runners on, they just didn't capitalize...") the bottom line is that my beloved Twins defeated the putrid New York Yankees and I am a happy man today. The sun is shining brighter than usual, and I have a spring in my step.

First off, it was great being able to listen to Dan Shulman and Dave "Soup" Campbell doing the game on ESPN-radio - I didn't have to listen to Pompous, Inc., otherwise known as Yankee announcers Charley Steiner and John Sterling.

Second, what a beauty. A-Rod getting caught stealing in the first - what the hell was that move where he was out by a mile yet tried to sneak his foot in anyway? Just take your tagging and get off the field, loser! And then Jorge Posada, the slowest Yankee since, uh, John Olerud, getting thrown out on a sac fly attempt. Neat.

I don't give two freakin' hoots how much Junkee fans say that they had Santana on the ropes - the bottom line is, you lost the game! Either you win or lose, and they lost.

You had to love A-Rod getting robbed of a home run by Torii Hunter. And the Yankee fans crying fair by Ruben Sierra's foul ball. The replays show it was foul. Get over it.

I turned on WFAN in the eighth inning and the host, Steve Somers, had a caller on who predicted that the Yankee magic would come through with A-Rod, Sheffield, and Bernie. It didn't. I was dancing in the streets.

And in the ninth, Joe Nathan took care of business, as the cliche goes, and I jumped so high I thought my neighbors would complain about the noise.

I TiVoed Baseball Tonight and replayed the highlights over and over again. In my mind, the five double plays were right up there with Luis Gonzalez's bloop single over Jeter's head in 2001, Jorge Posada grounding out to Josh Beckett last year, Sanday Alomar's home run off Mariano in '97... They kept getting played over and over and over.

And I don't want to hear comparisons to last season, when the Junkees won games 2, 3, and 4 to move on to the LCS. Who won those games? Pettitte, Clemens, and Wells. Need I say more?

And the Red Sox creamed Anaheim 9-3, which gives me satisfaction because the better the Red Sox do, the more it sticks it to Yankee fans.

Again, it's possible that the Junkees will do what they did last year. Then again, they could lay another egg (please, God). Face it - the real season for both Yankee fans and Yankee despisers starts with the postseason, and so far, they're 0-1. Let the good times roll!


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2-1 Yankees!!!

Santana having to pitch on short rest!!!!

What was that again?

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Bye Bye!!!!

Have a good offseason!