Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Heartbreak: Junkees 10, Boston 7

I'm starting to detatch all my emotions this year, as I did in '98, '99, and '00. It's just too painful to watch the bums beat up on my beloved Red Sox. A few points:

(a) Shilling has had ankle problems recently, and they probably contributed to his ineffectiveness on Tuesday night. Now the pro-Junkee media in New York says that Shilling, and Shilling fans, have no right to complain about his ankle when he was talking just before the game about crushing the Junkees. Hey schmucks, what do you expect the guy to do - say that he's going to lose? When Pedro admitted that the Yankees had his number and made his famous "daddy" line, they killed him for it. When Shilling was cocky about things, they killed him, so you can't make a Yankee fan happy.

(b) They almost came back, which doesn't amount to a hill of beans when all is said and done, but there is something to be said for that.

(c) Need I remind anyone that anything can happen in a seven game series?

(d) If the Junkees pull it off, I will root my fanny off for the Cardinals, who can easy manhandle the Junkees.

(e) And again, so long as there is no salary cap, keep in mind the disparity, even in this Yankees-Red Sox series: $190 million to $130 million. Enough said. Make a salary cap, and then I'll give the Yankees their props. Otherwise, so what. You bought Rodriguez, Jeter, Sheffield, Matsui, Williams, Posada... Until I see competitive balance, I can't tip my hat to the Junkees.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot – lets explore why!

Shelling hurt? No Yankee pitchers have had any injuries this year? Be real. Pro-Yankee media? Are you living in New York? I guess NESN has no bias. July 2 - New England - “Boston Leads Season Series…” It should have read “The Yankees Kicked our Asses Bigtime.” If you suck, the media here will tell you so. Pedro and his “daddy” comment got the attention it deserved. Shelling should not be too arogant. It’s a shame that he did not give the Sox a much needed win last night. Losing him spells serious trouble.

They “almost” came back? True. Let’s go play horse-shoes now. Give your team some credit. They have a potent offense. The Yankees “almost” scored another eight runs in the eight inning. Boston “almost” ran out of pitchers.

Anything can happen in a seven game series? Do you think it will go seven? Or four? Is this the year the curse will end? Does beating the Yankees end the curse? Or is it winning the world series? I’d hate to be in your shoes. I’ve seen my team win the WS many times.

Yankees pull it off? Quite possible! And they will bow to the mighty Cardinals? Has St. Louis beaten Houston already? Ever hear of a pitcher named Roger Clemens? He’s good. Better than Shelling. I’d prefer to see Yankees–Astros. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I doubt you will watch the World Series if your precious team loses to the Yankees.

Bought who? Jeter, Williams, and Posada are products of the Yankee farm system. They get paid well because they produce. A-Rod? Just because you couldn’t make a trade for him is no reason to attack the Yankees. He paid his salary back by the number of additional tickets sold. Why did you think they had record attendance this year? Matsui? He wanted to play in the states. What team would you want to play on? Not a hard choice. Sheffield? No brainer. Boston never went out and got a free agent? What planet are you from?

Disparity? Are you serious? What if Boston played Minnesota? That is true disparity. The Yankees are a big market team. Are they losing money (and games)? Talent cost money. It would be an issue if they did not make the playoffs. Ever hear of the luxury tax? And who pays that?

Salary cap? Props? You are a pathetic little Yankee hater. You will never give them anything that even comes close to props. What about all of the history between the two teams since 1918? The excuse now is money? What will it be in the future? We pay more and your number one starter is hurt? Sounds like you lost the ALCS already! Go team!

Your blog sucks. Bosox fans need a dose of reality. Don’t blame the Yankees for your problems. You desreve the misery that is called Boston.

Bums? Hardly!

1918 - Babe – Bucky – Boone – Bernie?

PizzaBagel said...

The way I heard Schilling's pre-game comments, he said that there'd be nothing better than to shut up 50,000 Yankee fans. He didn't actually say that he would or could do it, no promise. But, as you said, a Red Sok (Is that the singular of Red Sox?) is damned by Yahnkee fans and the supportive NY media if he does speak out for his team and damned if he doesn't, especially if they lose. But when the Red Sox do thrash the Janks we get the lame excuses and the half-hearted kudos from Torre. The Bosox have proven that they also are able to come from behind big-time. It just didn't happen last night. Maybe they're taking a page from the Stinkees' playbook - lull the opponent into a false sense of security by falling behind in a game or a series, then break out. Hopefully, Game 1 was a fluke.

Anonymous said...


"(d) If the Junkees pull it off, I will root my fanny off for the Cardinals, who can easy manhandle the Junkees."

That looks a whole lot like what you said the Sox would do to the Yankees also. It's sad to see a guy root for his team and talk crap, and as soon as his best pitcher is humbled, now we're rooting for some other team to do what we can't.. You're sad.

Anonymous said...

It must SUCK being you huh? ROFLMAO

The Yankee Despiser said...

It must REALLY suck to be a fan of the biggest choke artists in sports history - the 2004 Yankees!

Gary Student said...

Re the first comment: As far as your contentions:

(a) See the second comment about how the Bosox get killed by the Yankee fans no matter what they say. And how about Shilling in Game 6? He's a legend.

(b) Anything can happen in a 7-game series. Dare to argue now?

(c) Don't have to worry about that now.

(d) Bernie, Posada, and Jeter are homegrown. The other 22 are not. That's 88 percent bought. Besides, other teams knew those guys were good, but they couldn't afford the signing bonuses. And how many other teams would have been able to keep all three once they became free agents? Answer: Maybe two or three teams, if that many.

(e) Luxury tax doesn't change the reality that the Yankees buy themselves first place every year.

(f) You bring up 1918, but 2004 is more recent. So why not talk about 2004? And if the Sox win it all this year, you'll still be talking about 26 rings... Now THAT sounds pathetic.