Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Message to Yankee Fans

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the World Series. Then again, you losers didn't watch it. At least the Cardinals didn't pull off the biggest choke in history, unlike some other team out there.

Yeah, those "1918" t-shirts? You can throw 'em out. Or try selling them on eBay. 2004's the year now.

And the Curse of the Bambino? No longer. The only curse in town is the Jeff Nelson curse, or the curse of George Steinbrenner's bonehead spending.

Speaking of which, the Despiser and I have a new chant: TWO THOUSAND! That's the last time your team won. Been a while, huh? Hope it stays that way.

And don't even bother talking about your 26 World Championships. Stop living in the past. Get with it. Your team sucks now.

By the way, if you haven't done so already, throw out the "Who's Your Daddy?" t-shirts. I think they're at 75% off in Modell's by now, if they're not paying you to take them.

And if you got that stupid "Bucky/Boone" poster in the NY Post last week, you can tear it down. Put David Ortiz or Johnny Damon up there instead.

Bill Buckner & Grady Little? Welcome back to Boston. Bucky and Boone can come too. Just for a good laugh.

The best team in baseball is the Boston Red Sox. The biggest chokers? Your team. All $190 million worth of the biggest chokers money can buy. Haha. Get used to it.

I heard Buster Olney's putting out a book called "The Last Night of the Curse."

And someone tell Joe Torre he can't put half his team on the All-Star roster next year. John Flaherty's just gonna have to wait a while for his first appearance.

Look forward to seeing you next Opening Day at Fenway, when the Sox get their World Series rings.


PizzaBagel said...

The Red Sox rule!!! Curse THAT, Stinkee fans.

I was thinking the other day that it would be ironic if Torre's hand-picks for this year's All-Star Game were responsible for the AL's win, thereby delivering home-field advantage to the Red Sox in the World Series - not that they needed it. Except for Game 1, the Cards' offense was virtually nonexistent. Truly a mismatch because of - as you indicated - the Sox' superior pitching.

Derek Cheater was quoted in the Sunday papers that the "Curse" still lives until the Red Sox win the World Series. First of all, I'm surprised that he even admitted to believing that there was a curse. Pretty pathetic. But now that the Sox have won it all - with a sweep, no less - I'd like to hear what he has to say now. Probably what Junkee fans are already saying - wait 'til next year. Yeah, you just keep waiting and waiting and waiting ... Give the Sox their props or just shut the heck up - preferably the latter.

Zachary Geballe said...

Two things:

Year Two-Thou-sand makes a better chant

I want me a 2000 shirt

Good lord, I hate the Stanks, and I love me the Sox

Anonymous said...

86 years is still a joke... have you seen the new t-shirts ? let me give you a preview:::

1918.... 2004.... 2090

you've got to be proud of that!

Manny Ortiz said...

Wake up, buddy. The curse is over. The whole 2090 thing is a load of crock. Cursed teams don't win every 86 years. They just plain don't win. Look at the Cubs and Indians. They're still cursed. Right now, the Yanks are more cursed than the Sox. Face it.