Sunday, October 03, 2004

Weekend Happenings: Ups and Downs

So, let's see what's happened since I last posted: The Yankees swept the Twinkies, thereby clinching the East, and then proceeded to lose two to Toronto. As far as the sweep goes, I say it's overrated, because the Twins pulled Santana out of the game after the fifth inning to preserve him for the playoffs. The bullpen blew the lead. And I don't think the Twins were so serious about winning the games because they already made the playoffs, and didn't want to burn out their regulars. So what if they have to play the Yankees in the first round? As of Saturday night, that has yet to be determined, but even if they do, they'll be ready to play. More on that later.

I love that El Duque got shelled again. I'm not thrilled that Brown had a good outing. In fact, I'm ticked off. But El Duque getting bombed is sweeter because it's the second time in a row, while Brown's decent outing has been a one time deal so far.

I'm very happy that the Angels won the West because they can beat the Yankees. They're not afraid or intimidated, and they're just a darn good team. Servicable starting pitching, awesome bullpen (K-Rod is the next Mariano), and the only non-Russian I know named Vladimir. I'm glad the A's didn't make it because there's no way they were beating the Yankees with the Ricardo Rincons and Octavio Dotels of the world in their pen. And the big three starters laid a big egg in the last month of the season, so the series might have been a three and out.

So I guess I'll just have to wait and see if the Twins can finish off the Indians in the final two games and have the A's beat the Angels so that the Junkees can face Anaheim in the first round. Again, if the Twins face New York, it's not the worst thing in the world because you'll have Santana twice and Radke once, but the lack of a big hitting star on Minny might come back to bite them in the butt. But even if the Junkees get by the Twins, they'd have to face either Anaheim or Boston, and those will be fun to watch. Of course, I'd rather it not get to that, but worst case scenario, there'll be a team waiting that has what it takes to shut New York down.

One final thought - the Daily Snooze downplayed the loss to the Blue Jays Friday night by emphasizing that the Yankees rested a lot of their regulars. Just shut up and take your loss like a man!


Manny Ortiz said...

Against a putrid team like the Blue Jays, Brownie's good performance doesn't bother me. Let's see how he does against a decent team. Maybe he'll get his butt kicked again like in Boston.

On the other hand, Duque was rocked by those Jays.... cool.

The Yankee Despiser said...

Amen to that!