Monday, October 11, 2004

Real Season Starts Tuesday

This is it - the moment we've all been waiting for. This is why we sat through 162 games plus the first round of the playoffs - to get to the REAL season, Yankees and Red Sox in the ALCS. Face it - as much as I prayed for the Twins to pull off an upset, you knew that at the end of the day, the Junkees and the Red Sox would meet in game 1 at Yankee Stadium.

When Johnny Damon steps in the batters box against Mike Mussina, the adrenaline level will be through the roof.

But unlike last year, the Red Sox are not going to lie down. Their team is vastly improved, and the Yankees have gotten worse. Hey George, how'd Javy Vazquez work out for you? Curt Schilling is going to be a god in Boston after they send the Yankees home.

I will be on top of every pitch of every game because this time, it counts. And it doesn't matter who plays the World Series - this is the series that matters. Most Junkee fans I know felt that after beating Boston in '03, that was it. It didn't matter what they did against the Marlins (oh yes it did!), as long as they prevented Boston from getting their trophy.

This isn't going to be as close as people think- Boston is going to dominate. Heck, they're talking about going 11-0 in the postseason! Please God, not that I ever doubted Your existence, but if You can make things go Boston's way, just for the next week and a half, You'll make believers out of everyone. Please!

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