Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's Next?

All of the Yankees' panic moves this season haven't helped much. Phil Hughes stunk in his first start, then got injured in his second. The signing of Clemens didn't provide an immediate jolt of life to the team; the only one really affected by it was Suzyn Waldman. The Yanks haven't won a game since George ripped Cashman. And finally, Joe Torre's meeting didn't do anything last night. So what's next?

If the Yanks don't turn things around, I think George and his Tampa contingent will take the power back from Cashman and renege on the agreement made in late 2005. I think George would rather make Cashman powerless and miserable (like in '05) that fire the guy. Maybe the Clemens signing was the first step in that direction.

And with the Yankees expressing interest in the Rockies' Todd Helton and Brian Fuentes, there may be more players coming. If things get bad enough, the Yanks will do whatever it takes to get those guys. Even if it means parting with Phil Hughes.

Remember '03? The Yanks went through a rough stretch back then. First, Jeter was named captain. Then, top pitching prospect Brandon Claussen was traded for Aaron Boone. Claussen was the Yankees' top pitching prospect, and had a very good debut against the Mets. But George panicked, and traded the kid for a mediocre third baseman.

True, Hughes probably has a much higher upside than Claussen, but if George takes back the reins, all bets are off.

- One guy whose trade value has plummeted? Melky Cabrera. Pittsburgh offered Mike Gonzalez for him last year, and the Yanks didn't want to trade Melky. If that offer was made today, the Yanks would do it in a heartbeat (of course, Gonzalez is now on the Braves, so it's a non-issue).

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