Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's Getting Better All the Time....

First of all, Clippard got clipped by the Angels on Friday night, which makes him pitcher #275 that the Junkee fans fawned over after a good first outing only to get bombed the next time out. Hey, where's Chase Wright? Didn't he have that great debut against the Indians? And whatever happened to Matt Desalvo? Oh right, he got rocked in relief on Friday night, bringing his ERA to a nifty 5.29.

Oh yeah, and the Red Sox won, extending the lead to 10.5.

And then on Saturday, Wang gets tatooed in the first inning, the mighty Yankee bats never recover, so another loss. Bobby Abreu is now hitting .235, Cano is at .260, but hey, Doug Smith is up to .234, so things aren't that bad, right?

And then the Boss comes out of his shell for the first time in a while. Don't know what to make of that. Thought he was senile, but he sounded pretty with it in that interview. And I love how he gives it to Ca$hman. The guy is full of excuses. When he didn't have sole authority, he tried to make it like all the bad signings were other people's decisions. Now his excuse is that he's been trying to rebuild. (And that's why he signed Johnny Damon last year, a guy who can't do anything? We all know he did it to stick it to Boston, but they're having a good laugh right about now.) Listen Brian, you can't dance at all parties. Damon's been a bust, Mussina has been a disaster, Abreu over Sheffield is one for the ages, Cano was a one-year wonder, Doug Smith was PR, Luis Vizcaino is absolutely putrid, and Melky ain't what you thought.

Speaking of Damon, enough injury excuses. Drives me crazy when these guys think they're such great guys for playing hurt. If you can't do anything, go on the DL. But if you're out there, you've got to produce. Don't tell me about your hamstring, your ankle, or any other body part.

All the excuses in the world won't change the fact that 2007 may be a Yankee-free October!


Coop said...

YD, will you guys go on hiatus if there is a YFO? (Yankee-free Oct?)

Coop said...

BTW, please don't, I do enjoy reading your ruminations!

Michael Leggett said...

A Yankme Free October:

Will Tim Mc Carver talk endlessly about Jeter;

Or will he finally SHUT UP?

Peter N said...

Hello to you on this Sunday morning. And as John Lennon said, in the same '67 Paul song, "It can't get no worse." Maybe so for the Yankees, but not the Sox. We're just fine, thank you.
And thank YOU for stopping by my blog...your comments are always welcome, and the Sox go for that "broom thing" at 3, in Texas, before Trot and his team come to Fenway. Peter

Peter N said...

And coop, feel free to stop at my's on the link list or click on my name......Michael has been there once or twice (multiply that by about 500 or so). Everyone, happy holiday weekend. And let's remember the troops. ALWAYS...Peter