Friday, May 11, 2007

Texas Ends Season Series On High Note

Whenever you see Chien-Ming Wang vs. Brandon McCarthy as the pitching matchup, you have a feeling as to where the advantage lies. But last night, Wang, who doesn't strike anyone out, couldn't get anyone out, allowing seven runs. Luis Vizcaino stunk again, and I still think he'll gone by June.

By the way, whatever happened to Robinson Cano? Last year, they were all ranting and raving about him, as if he was the next Ryne Sandberg. This year, Cano's numbers are average: .250, 1 HR, and a platry .293 OBP. You wonder if the pitchers have figured the guy out. To be fair, he did bat .398 last June, so maybe he hasn't broken out yet. But so far, he's stunk. And Abreu's been terrible, too (.325 OBP, .309 SLG), and Matsui doesn't scare you that much anymore (.258, 2 HR). So far, lots of holes in the lineup.

That botched rundown by A-Rod reminded me of the '06 A-Rod. Wouldn't mind if he made a comeback.

- Yankees play Seattle this weekend; let's see if Rasner and DeSalvo can do it again. No Jeff Weaver this time, thankfully.


Anonymous said...

Pitchers figured out they didn't have to throw Cano fastballs. They also figured out they didn't need to throw ARod those low pitches over the outside corner.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the arrest video of that asshole cop who who shot and killed his wife the other day? Nice Yankees sweatshirt, asshole.