Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Line Of The Night

Mientkiewicz, Cano, Damon, A-Rod, and Abreu -- combined 0-for-16. Five hits total for the Yanks.

The one saving grace for the Yanks is that they'll continue to have company in the cellar, as Tampa Bay is getting drubbed by the Tigers. Two homers for Gary Sheffield, who now has 12 on the year. How'd that trade work out for ya, Cashman?

Beckett pitched great tonight, and in a possible playoff preview, the Sox beat the Indians, extending the lead to 14.5.

- And just like in the Subway Series, Tyler Clippard will be out there tomorrow looking to avoid the sweep.


phrenile said...
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phrenile said...

If you want the Yanks' season in a nutshell, watch the clips of Aaron Hill's steal of home.

The Yankee Despiser said...

Brought back memories of Mondesi stealing home off Randy Keisler in 2002, and Shea Hillenbrand doing it against the Junkees in 2005.