Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can't Lose 'em All: Junkees Take One 10-5

Hey Junkee fans, can we finally stop drinking the Tyler Clippard cool aid? Yes he got the win, but watching the game, he clearly labored, throwing 98 pitches in 5 innings, walking 5, giving up 2 home runs. He was not very good, and if not for the 5 run cushion, the Junkees would be considering sending him back to Scranton. He got out of some jams, and Snorre aged 4 years just in the third inning alone.

Otherwise not a great night for a Yankee Despiser. A lot of the hitters did well, save for our buddy Mr. Minky -- with another hitless night -- now has a batting average of .217.

At one point the Jays cut the lead to 6-5, and for a moment I thought Old York might find a way to blow it, but they had to end their slide at some point, and did so on a night that the Red Sox lost, cutting the lead to 13.5.

- Couldn't care less about A-Schmuck cheating on his wife. Sorry, wrong blog for that.

- Junkees get a day off, then head to Boston. Worst case scenario they win all three, and the lead becomes 10.5. If the Bosox sweep, then it's 16.5, and we may as well count on seeing Derek Jeter on a golf course in early October. More on the upcoming series later in the week.

- At 22-29, supposing the AL Wild Card team will need 95 wins, Old York has to go 73-36 the rest of the way. Could happen, but I wouldn't bet on it. Then again, I wouldn't bet against it, either. By the way, over the past 40 years, only one Yankee team ever had a stretch of 73-36, and that was in 1998.

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