Monday, May 07, 2007

Can Clemens Close?

The tables have turned; suddenly, the Yankees starting pitching has been excellent, while the bullpen's been bad. Aside from the Igawa disaster Friday night, the starters have done really well. Rasner and DeSalvo pitched very well, though let's not go crazy; the Mariners, Ichiro aside, just plain suck.

Anyway, it's May 7th, and Mariano Rivera has an 8.44 ERA. So Yankee fans, wipe that smile off your face. Stop dreaming about the Rocket. Because you have to start worrying about Rivera.

I know, I know, he got a couple of saves against the Rangers last week. Still, there was Marco Scutaro, that awful night in Boston, and now this. Hard to keep calling them flukes.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think Rivera has suddenly morphed into Armando Benitez. But he's no longer Mr. Automatic. He no longer gives Yankee-haters that awful feeling in the stomach when he trots out of the bullpen.

So Mo hasn't totally lost it yet. But now, he's human. No more lights-out.

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