Sunday, May 13, 2007

Real Tests Ahead

Glad to see Seattle take two of three this weekend, even without King Felix. Aside from their outburst against Miguel Batista, the Yankee bats were quiet. Giambi is the latest guy to struggle, stuck in an 0-18 funk. Aside from A-Rod, Jeter, and Posada, these guys can't hit right now.

And with Boston taking two of three from the O's (sweet win today), the Sox pick up a game in the standings.

- Amazing to think how much I used to look forward to Yankees-Mariners. The Big Unit, Griffey, A-Rod, and of course, Edgar Martinez. Plus the one that got away, Jay Buhner. That was a good team, and the series they played were great. After the ALDS loss in '95 ended an era, you got the feeling the Yankees wanted to beat Seattle every time.

And even after three of those guys left, '01 with Ichiro, 116 wins, and Piniella's tirade in the ALCS: still a great series. But now, I'm sorry, even Ichiro can't make these games watchable. That team is dull.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next two weeks of Yankee baseball. That is gonna be the real test as to whether we'll see a Yankee-free October. They're playing the White Sox, who've struggled early on, but are starting to put it together. The Mets are gonna be a real test, and then we'll see Boston. Following that, the Angels, who are one of my favorite teams when they play the Yankees. The next easy series will probably be at the end of May, against that sinking ship in Toronto.

The next two weeks will be huge. Can the Yankees finally put it together, and pitch and hit well at the same time?

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Anonymous said...

No...they can't and they won't. It's all over for Yankee land this year!!!!!!