Sunday, October 07, 2007

Torre Gets Another Day

When Clemens left and the Indians finished the inning up 3-0, I got optimistic. Would've been sweet to see the Yanks get swept out of the first round. Instead, the Yankee bats came alive against Westbrook, as expected. Phil Hughes was impressive, keeping the Indians at bay and bailing out the $28 million (old) man.

- After Wang's outing last time, it's clear that the Yanks have a problem similar to the Mets: they have no guy you can absolutely count on in October. The Yanks need a guy they can count on in October. Pedro was like that before the injury, El Duque was like that at one point, David Cone and David Wells were that way in their prime, and Beckett and Schilling are like that.

You have to wonder which Chien-Ming Wang will show up tomorrow night; the one who had nothing on Thursday night, or the one that has driven me crazy over the last couple of years.

- Joba got touched up again tonight, and you wonder if he's finally coming back down to earth.

- Paul Byrd has been horrendous against the Yankees, and this is an important game for Cleveland. Even if they bring the series back to Cleveland for Game 5, who knows if C.C. Sabathia will have control issues again. The Indians better wrap this thing up tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, Byrd big mistake. But...some silver linings here. It'll bring the Tribe back to the Jake and CC is a better pitcher, obviously. Most importantly, it drags this thing on, and both teams will be dog tired by the time they get to the Bosox on Friday.