Monday, October 22, 2007

Go Boston!

Great to see the Red Sox in the World Series. What an ALCS it was, definitely a classic. I loved seeing Big Papi in the dugout in the ninth, with the muscle tank and the goggles on, ready to go. He's played through all sorts of pain, and put up great numbers this year. I loved seeing Manny get interviewed after the game. The guy's the hardest-working player in the game, and it's good to see people finally begin to realize that.

And suddenly, the J.D. Drew deal doesn't look too bad. Good for him, that grand slam in game 6 was huge.

In terms of the team's character, the Sox haven't changed much since '04. Lowell reminds me of Bill Mueller - a guy who plays the game right, a guy that's impossible not to root for. Ellsbury reminds me of Dave Roberts - the fleet-footed outfielder you wish you'd see out there more often. And Youkilis is like Millar - so much fun to watch, but Youk is much better both as a hitter and as a defender.

Plus, I'll take Paps over Keith Foulke any day.

If any guy can put an end to the Rockies' magical run right now, it's probably Josh Beckett. Hopefully he can dominate once again, and get the tide turning Boston's way. And if Schill can do what he does best in Game 2, and Dice-K can pitch like he did in the World Baseball Classic...

- And while the Yanks worry about A-Rod, their next manager, and whether Hank, Hal, and Randy are gonna keep screwing things up, the Sox get another visit to the Fall Classic. Go Sox!


The RS Bat Boy said...


These are the BEST of times!

The Yankees in dis-array and their furure looking bleak


the Red Sox getting the chance to win another World Series for the second time in four years!

Boston is all a-buzz and the Rockies are in BIG trouble!

Their winning streak stops in Boston!

Now it's time for the Rocs to play real competition!

Michael said...

The Boston Red Sox are soaring high right now, that's certain! The Bronx is burning and the rest of the league is taking notice. I hope A-Rod leaves their butts high and dry. I'm looking for some Dave Roberts type of heroics for the Sox in the series.