Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bye Bye Snorre

Wow. I am surprised that he's gone. At first I thought that he'd be a goner and that George would make good on his ALDS threat. But after a few days I figured, okay, he's coming back.

Here's what happened. They didn't want him, but they didn't want to take the PR hit of firing the beloved Joe Torre. So they made him this insult of an offer knowing he'd turn them down, and now they can save face. If I were a Junkee fan who loves Torre I'd be more mad at this than if they had just let him go. But I suppose that's become the Junkee way. Like with Bernie Williams this past offseason. They didn't want him, but rather than say so, they offered him a spring training invite.

Well, we'll miss his blowing out his middle relievers' arms. And we'll miss his occasional boneheaded moves.

It's amazing how suddenly I don't hate him anymore.


Coop said...

You know what's funny is I felt that same way - never was a Torre fan (esp being a mets fan, I mean that is just a death wish right there). But now I totally understand why - my Yankee Fan Friend (who's not a total blowhard either) has that same theory - to save face they gave him the lowball offer knowing he wouldn't take it. there are reasons besides not wanting to fire Snorre. Rivera and Posada have publicly said that if Torre were fired, they would not re-sign with the Yank-these. So now they know he technically wasn't fired, they still give the team a's brilliant really. And scary, if the new mgmt can act like that. And by "that," I mean, efficiently.

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