Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Kids In Town

The Post reports that Hal and Hank Steinbrenner are taking over. What does this mean for the future of the Yankees? I think it will bode very well for Yankee haters.

This fascinating piece in the Conde Nast Portfolio tells us a lot about Hank Steinbrenner. The guy hasn't made many decisions in the past, but the few times he's gotten involved, it's been a flop. In 1986, he tried convincing the Yanks to put Dave Righetti back in the starting rotation, suggesting that a no-name minor leaguer take over. Nobody listened, and Righetti laughed at Hank's ignorance.

Then, in '02, Hank pushed like crazy for the Yanks to get Raul Mondesi. And we all know how that one worked out.

The big x-factor is how much control Cashman will retain in the organization. After '05, when Cashman pushed for a bigger role in building the team, George was already fading from the limelight. So Cashman had the upper hand, and was able to take control.

But with two new faces eager to take control, will Hank listen to Cashman? In the Post piece, Hank says that he'll insist on Joba being a starter. Now, let's say Rivera signs elsewhere, or, come April, it's clear that Rivera's age has caught up with him. Does Hank let Cashman do what the Red Sox did with Papelbon this year? Or does he stand firm?

And will the Steinbrenners push to win now, and trade the farm for guys like Johan Santana? We don't know how much Hank will be like George, but it sure will be very interesting to find out.


the blue state blogger said...

"The guy hasn't made many decisions in the past, but the few times he's gotten involved, it's been a flop."

The last guy like that, we elected president of the United States. Let's hope Hal fucks up the Yankees as bad as George Fucked up the country..

One & Done Again! said...

I'm just not in the mood to even care.

With no Yankee fans around to dream up all kinds of different possibilities to take thier sub-par team all the way to a World Series Chamionship in 2007. It's just not as fun as it was a few weeks ago.

I miss all the crazy/funny/silly/delirious Yankee fans!

Come back so we can despise you some more!! Come back! Come back!

I'll start:

You don't have a chance in hell at even finishing 2nd next year!

You go! Go ahead. Give me a crazy senario that I can shoot down.

The Wildcard is the closet you'll get to a chamionship from here on in.

Go ahead, rebuttle.

See it's just no fun without the Yankees sucking! :(

I hate the off season