Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Torre Deserves The Axe

There's been a mini-lovefest for Joe Torre going on, as many out there think the Boss is wrong for wanting to get rid of the guy. I've discussed Torre on this blog many, many times, so I'll be quick with this one.

The Yankees have the highest payroll in the game, and, understandably, the highest expectations in the game. This is not Tampa Bay or Washington, where Joe Maddon and Manny Acta get extensions just because they didn't lose 100 games. When you have the highest payroll in the game, you've got to capture the highest prize in the game - that world championship flag. Winning the division title? Meaningless. Even in a tough town like Philly, Charlie Manuel will come back next year, even though his team was awful in the NLDS.

For seven years, Torre has not gotten the job done. In most baseball towns, you don't get seven years as a manager if you can't get it done. True, Torre did win four world championships, so maybe you can't kill the Yankees for keeping the guy a few years after. But with a seven year drought under his watch, Torre has failed repeatedly. His time has come.


Chip said...

Please check out this Red Sox video comic strip...


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