Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Worst Night in a While for Junkee Despisers

What a depressing night. First, the Junkees get a measure of revenge against Josh Beckett, then they absolutely clobber Boston, and Toronto loses. It was a night where everything went wrong.

If I want to look at a bright spot, and this is really stretching it here, it's that Mussina broke his string of 3 earned runs per start or less, by giving up 4. Whoopie.

Thank God it's only one game. We'll see what happens Tuesday night.


alex said...

pitching and defense wins championships! wang and melky!

(of course once i say that i know the yankees pitching and defense is bound to be atrocious)

grunherz said...

Something to ponder:

No chance Matsui gets that home run ball by Manny the other night.

Even if that actually sinks in with Steinbrenner and Cashman, the farm is still pretty barren, even though a couple pumpkins grew just enough to win a blue ribbon at the county fair.

And then there's the opinion that if Matsui was in right field the other night, Pauley would not have had such an easy night.

Occam's Razor then dictates that the simplest explanation for what is happening is the truth.

That explanation being the Yanks are hot and the Red Sox are not.

It'll all even out over 162.