Monday, June 05, 2006

Good, Bad, and Ugly from Weekend (6/2-4, '06)

Good: Aaron Small. Sorry, but 2005 is long forgotten, and the Junkees made a mistake by letting him stick around. Ca$hman's a fool for thinking that the guy was some undiscovered talent who flew under the radar all these years. With Sunday's incredible performance, his ERA is now a miniscule 9.67.

Bad: Randy Johnson's 4 earned runs in 7.1 innings is now considered a "good" performance. Sorry, but 4 in 7.1 is BAD! (And yes, I know he did well against the Tigers, but with a 5.33 ERA, I wouldn't get too excited.

Ugly: Farnsworthless. Two blown saves over the weekend. Let's face it - he's been lousy.

Yes, the Yankees went 5-2 during their roadtrip, but a lot of those games could have gone either way. Just when they started playing better ball, and I started getting nervous, they show me that I don't have that much to be worried about.

And of course, the Junkee fans will cry injury, ignoring the fact that they still have A-Schmuck, Damon Revere, Giambaby, Ringo, and of course, Bernie Williams. And I bet Cheater comes back. I'm surprised Snorre didn't call the HBP a dirty play.

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alex said...

it's amazing how you can make yankee wins seem like a good thing for yankee haters. "well...the games coulda gone either way". the bush administration should hire you! invading iraq was a great decision!

cant wait for your post on tonight's game.