Friday, June 16, 2006

2006: The Summer of the Mets

Whenever the Yankees put together a few good wins, I get paranoid and think that they're not going to lose for the rest of the season. I guess in that sense I'm just as delusional as the Junkee fans who thought that back in '03, after their 18-3 start, they'd win 120-130 games.

And then comes a game like Thursday's, where we think it's a lock with ace Mike Mussina going against a pitiful Indians offense and presto! The Moose stinks, A-Schmuck strikes out in a big spot, and I can finally relax. Nice.

Then you look at the Mets, and they're dominating right now, and after sweeping the Phillies, they're pretty much a lock to win the NL East.

At this point, you don't know that the Junkees will even make the playoffs, especially now that Toronto is right there. Watch George panic. Prediction: Royals trade Reggie Sanders to the Royals for Phillip Hughes.

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Manny Ortiz said...

The Mets' success sorta makes up for the Red Sox' abysmal play of late. Getting swept by the lousy Twins? Not being able to hit Carlos Silva? WTF?

But at least the Sox gave us '04, so they've still got the upper hand in the rivalry. And if the Mets can turn New York back into Mets town, I think I'll party like it's 1986.