Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Beautiful Night for Farnsworthless and the Junkees

What can I say? I didn't expect a Phillie win and a Junkee loss on Monday night. I turned on YES to see that Abreu and Howard were not in the lineup against Randy (because RJ has allowed only one lefty homerun this season, and that was to Mark Kotsay), and yet, the Phils take this one 4-2.

RJ was better than I thought he'd be in the bandbox, actually pitching decently. And the Yankees drew six walks, outhit the Phils, so on paper, it looked like an easy one for Old York. But it wasn't to be, as they squandered one opportunity after another.

So RJ lowers his ERA to 5.21, Farnsworthless is now at 4.70 after his wild pitch strikeout allows an insurance run to score (not to mention two walks prior), and I know the fans are going to cry injury. Hey, you know what? If the guy can't pitch, DL him! But once he's out there, I don't want to hear it.

So now Snorre is starting to realize that Farnsworthless is no good in a big spot, so watch him come in during the 8-0 blowouts.

Anyway, Red Sox win, Yankees lose, Yankees are two games out of first.

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Michael Leggett said...

& I believe that it will be more-common practice as the Season progresses;

It will NOT be pretty;

It will be beautiful.