Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Good, the Great, and the Awesome from This Past Weekend

My oh my, what a difference a few days makes. After beating Boston 2-1 on Tuesday, I was depressed. I thought, man, they're getting tough to beat. They seem to have worked out their kinks from earlier in the season, and now it's here we go again.

Well, not so fast.

The good: The Yankee starters. Chacon allowed 3 ERs in 5, which I know the Junkee fans are going to say is good, but his ERA is 5.23, which proves that my prediction may be true - that he'll be out of the rotation by June. Mussina is not invincible, as he allows 3 ER is 7, and Randy Johnson has proven that his start against Detroit was a fluke. Finally, Jaret Wright allows 4 in 5 on Thursday, bumping up his ERA to 4.44.

The great: The Junkee bullpen. Snorre's boyfriend Proctor has been hideous. Snorre likes to take a pitcher, use him a hundred times a season thereby blowing out his arm (see Tanyon Sturtze and Steve Karsay for more details), and Proctor has been in there way too much. Farnsworthless is just a pleasure to watch, allowing 29 hits and 18 walks in 29 innings, and now we're seeing some clowns from AAA trying to get the job done.

The awesome: The Junkees in the clutch. They're getting guys on base but not bringing them home. I realize that the Sabermaticians will say that it's all luck, and at the end of the day everything will even out, but a loss is a loss, a losing streak is a losing streak, and that's what they've got on their hands.

Remember when Melky was hitting .328 back on May 30th? Since then he's 8 for 39 with zero homers, which is a .205 batting average. Have the pitchers figured him out? We'll see.

The Junkees face the Indians on Tuesday. Now would be a good time for George to panic and go get a slugger. Prediction: Jeromy Burnitz starts in right field on Tueday.


Michael Leggett said...

Junkees is appropriate;

My blog now carries your link;

I call it junkees Despisers

Michael Leggett said...

& "A-Fraud" continues to hit in the clutch:


Michael Leggett said...

Slappy Mc Bluelips is as useful as t-ts on a bull.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the expression was as useful as t*ts on a nun.