Thursday, January 12, 2006

Whoa Nellie! Third Tour of Duty?

Today's Post mentions that the Yanks might bring back Jeff Nelson for a third tour of duty. It would be their way, perhaps, of answering the Tavarez signing, but also, it's a win-win situation. His 2003 ALCS fracas notwithstanding, Nellie is still liked by Yankee fans, and if he does well, then Cashman looks like a genius.

The guy's ERA has escalated over the past few years. He had a 3.93 mark last year, which is no great shakes when you throw in the Safeco factor. I'd be surprised if his comeback goes any better than Stanton's did last year.

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alex said...

responding to your previous post...

yes the sox pitching is good. yes its better than the yankees'. but lets remember the sox pitching has always been pretty solid and yet the yankees always seemed to win the season series/pennant.

and as far as the sox lineup goes...well...theyve lost some very productive players, most notably damon. but mueller was no slouch. and they lost a solid role player in millar (yes i know he sucked last year...) i see the jays winning the wild card by around 5 games.

and a random note...i wonder how varitek will handle the knuckler. he'll probably do ok, but it will frustrate the hell out of him in the long run.

ps. the above may only make semi-sense. i am still kinda drunk.