Tuesday, January 17, 2006

PR Bullpen Options for Old York

Perusing the list of free agents, it's obvious that the Yankees' fetish for ex-Mets, ex-Yanks, ex-Red Sox, and players who've killed them in the past are all they're interested in. So far, all but one of the signees fit the bill:

Returning from the '05 Junkees are:

Al Leiter
Shemp Matsui
Bernie Williams
Ramiro Mendoza
The Grand Tanyon

Ex-Mets include:

Miguel Cairo
Octavio Dotel
Kelly Stinnett

Ex-Red Sox are:

Johnny Damon
Mike Myers

The lone exception is Kyle Farnsworth.

But we all know that PR is generally more important than getting a good player. But enough about Mike Stanton and Ramiro Mendoza. Let's see which pitchers are still out there:

Pedro Astacio - ex-Met, so that's good
James Baldwin - ex-Met for two starts, which is enough; will also make the Jesse Jackson crowd happy
Kevin Brown - I think we've seen the last of him in pinstripes
Jason Christianson - was an Angel in '05, although was gone by the time the ALDS rolled around
Roger Clemens - watch the Junkees offer him $20 million for '06
Darren Dreifort - perfect no-lose pickup for Ca$hman
Chad Fox - Marlin in '03 and ex-Bostonian
Buddy Groom - see Kevin Brown
Gary Glover - no one's ever heard of him
Shigetosi Hasegawa - already have Shemp for the Japanese PR
Felix Heredia - see Kevin Brown
Kaz Ishii - ex-Met, and a lefty
Jose Lima - PR move, because he's a whack job
Brian Meadows - ex-Junkee from way back when = perfect fit!
Jeff Weaver - see Kevin Brown
Jamey Wright - if the Junkees want to be like the Mets years back with the two Bobby Joneses, they can sell the fact that they have two J. Wrights...

There are some others, but I'm too lazy to go through them all, so maybe I'll make a part 2....

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