Thursday, January 05, 2006

A (Thankfully) Quiet Week

After all the hoopla surrounding the Damon deal, it's relieving to see that things have quieted down around the Junkees. When the top Yankees stories are about the World Baseball Classic, I think that's a good sign. As Fred Hickman would say, no news is good news.

The Junkees did pick up Miggy Cairo, officially. It's a good addition on their part; he's one of those few guys in the games that gives a team their money's worth. He's also good insurance in case Cano suffers from the sophomore jinx, though Cairo is definitely not a good everyday option. I'm still surprised the Mets didn't try to re-sign him, although Bret Boone is now in that role (maybe they think there's some PR value with Yankee fans because he's Aaron (----ing) Boone's brother? Don't know.). With old man Julio Franco and now Boone in the infield, I'm waiting for Minaya to try to coax Barry Larkin out of retirement.

I liked what I saw in yesterday's Post, that Clemens will probably not sign with the Junkees. On the Podcast (which is still not iPod-compatible, unfortunately -- gotta work out some problems with Yahoo and iTunes), Yankee Despiser discussed the "Oh S---" factor, and how Johnny Damon doesn't have that. Well, Clemens, even after his iffy postseason, is still as intimidating a pitcher as there is in the game today. If the Junkees would get him, then they would really be a scary team. As we've discussed, their main Achilles heel is their starting pitching. Getting Clemens would make them a scary threat.

The only saving grace would be to hope that Clemens again would have durability issues come October. But right now, we thankfully need not worry about this possibility.

-- Another new poll should be up within the next few days.

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