Thursday, January 19, 2006

Theo's Back!

Great to hear the news that Theo Epstein is rejoining the Sox. When he resigned on Halloween, the Yankee fans were all excited. "Wow, that front office is in disarray. What the heck are they going to do without Theo? At least we still have Cashman" and crap like that. And after the Damon signing, everyone was saying how the Red Sox front office was in such disarray and that was part of the reason the Yanks were able to nab Damon.

Now, the Yankee fans are quiet once again. For every Scott Sauerbeck, Mike Remlinger, and Edgar Renteria that Theo picked up, he made the small moves like getting Millar, Mueller, and of course, David Ortiz. Yankee fans fear Theo because, unlike Cashman, the guy actually has a brain.

Now don't get me wrong. Epstein had plenty of help from the owners. The Sox couldn't have had Manny and Pedro without having baseball's second-highest payroll.

But the Red Sox, unlike the Junkees, do not have an all-star at every position (except Cano). They don't have a $10 million+ player at every position (except Cano). The Red Sox have been built like the late 90's Yankees - not a sexy name at every position, but guys who wanted to win. Guys like Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek. And it takes a GM, not just an owner like George, to actually build a team with inexpensive, undervalued guys. That's what Theo did so well.

With that in mind, welcome back Theo. Get our team a CF, a SS, and send the Junkees packing early.

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