Monday, January 09, 2006

Manny-for-Miggy: Not Happening?

So now word is that Miguel Tejada wants to stay in Baltimore. And Manny says he wants to stay in Boston, while his agent says he wants out. And so, the soap opera continues.

Right now, I don't believe anyone anymore. The game has made me too cynical to take any of this stuff too seriously. Wasn't it about two years ago at this time of year that A-Schmuck was named captain of the Rangers? Which lasted about as long as a Yankee pitching coach in the 1980's.

But again, if the Sox are going to trade Manny, it's gotta be for a player of Tejada's caliber, an MVP-type. They can't afford to settle for anything less. Even a guy like Bobby Abreu (there were rumors of that a while back, but nothing serious) would be a disappointment in my book.

And if Manny stays, the Red Sox still have the best 1-2 punch in the league. But as history has shown, it's way too early to tell where Manny will end up.

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