Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Molina in Pinstripes? And Piazza?

ESPN's Rumor Central reports that the Yankees have contacted Bengie Molina, and may be interested in signing him.

I think this just shows how much Jorge Posada's stock has fallen with the Yanks. A few months ago, I reported how Posada is facing a Bernie Williams-esque decline, perhaps accelerated by the wear of tear of Georgie being a catcher. And in a Yankee lineup that, with the Damon signing, looks almost perfect, Posada is looking like a real hole. The guy's OPS has plummetted over the past few years (from .923 to .881 to .782), and it seemed like he was in a slump all year. Even having Flaherty catch every five days didn't help. And even though Johnson was vocal about not liking Posada as a batterymate, who knows? Maybe other Yankee pitchers feel the same way. But if the Yanks are looking into Molina, however casually, it just goes to show how much they want Posada outta there.

And the biggest problem for the Yanks is, Posada is not going anywhere. Very few teams are interested in a 34-year old catcher. Even fewer teams are interested in one who makes $11 million a year.

The Yanks are thinking long-term here. Posada's contract is done, and the Yanks have a team option for '07. So maybe the two platoon, and then Molina takes over the next few years. The Yanks might do it, simply because Molina's value is so low right now.

And the fact that Molina killed the Yanks in the ALDS this year? All the more reason for them to do this.

-- Another catcher the Yanks might be interested in? Mike Piazza. Heyman in Newsday says the Yanks are interested, but the Daily News' Bill Madden says otherwise.

This would be nothing more than a PR move. Potentially a huge one. George has had a fetish for Mets from the '99-'00 era. Ventura. Zeile. Olerud. Leiter. Dotel. Benitez. Even Bubba Trammell. So why not go after the biggest name from that era, Mike Piazza?

Getting Piazza would be a mess, though. He would want to catch, Posada would want to catch. I could see this one getting ugly.

And for all the Yankee fans fantasizing about Clemens coming back to New York after the WBC.... If Piazza's there, not happening.


Anonymous said...

Bengie Molina stinks.

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daddypete159@yahoo.com said...

I love the yanks lineup right now, and posada will provide good defense and offense like he has done for many years, I 'am thankful to have him...october here we come(AGAIN). daddypete59

basebowl06 said...

Someday, Posada will be stuck as a DH.