Monday, November 14, 2005

A-Schmuck's MVP Can't Make Up for his October

Any Junkee fan who gets excited over A-Rod's winning the MVP instead of Big Papi ought to get a life. A-Rod and Papi had similar hitting numbers, and it was clearly the DH vs. 3B factor that put A-Rod over the top. The Yankee fans that get horny over this stuff are the same losers that brag about winning the AL East a million years in a row, as if that makes up for the Yankees' lousy Octobers since Game 6 of 2001.

So what if A-Rod was the best player in the league from April to September? Big deal. The guy isn't clutch. Don't tell me about his homerun off a rehabbing Schilling in July. I don't care about his 3 HR game against Colon and the Angels. I don't care about all those homers that turned a 17-5 game into a 19-5 game or whatever. Because the guy couldn't hit for beans against Ervin Santana when it counted. Because the guy couldn't carry his team when they needed him most. Because the guy is a far, far cry from Reggie Jackson, whom I would rather have on my team than A-Rod. True, they're both arrogant jerks, but at least a team with Reggie would have a chance at winning it all.

So in the end, A-Rod winning the MVP doesn't bother me at all. After his pitiful ALDS performance, the Yankee despisers certainly got the last laugh.


The Yankee Despiser said...

Come on, Manny, during the ALDS he was fretting over his uncle. Have a heart!

mouse said...

Jayson Stark over at has an excellent article about the AL MVP decision, with a breakdown of the numbers that proves A-Rod wasn't clutch all season long, while Big Papi obviously was. It was nothing new when A-Fraud didn't deliver in the ALDS. Listen to any Yankee fan during a Red Sox game--they're always asking "Why do people continue to pitch to Ortiz?!" No Red Sox fan is ever asking that about A-Rod.

I knew A-Fraud would get the MVP award, but I don't really care, and I doubt Big Papi's losing sleep over it either. After all, A-Rod may have the award and the gaudy numbers, but Ortiz is the guy with THE RING.

Anonymous said...
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