Monday, November 28, 2005

Mets Like the Yanks? Not Quite

From Bob Klapisch's piece on

"So, how, exactly, do the Mets afford this sudden swelling of the payroll? Actually, they still project somewhere in the low-$100 million range, with nearly $35 million coming off the books this winter. That will allow the Mets to continue their pursuit of Billy Wagner, to whom they've extended a three-year offer worth approximately $30 million with an option for a fourth year that makes the deal worth $40 million."

Not to mention that by losing Piazza and Cameron, that's about $24 million right there. When you add in Ishii and Minkiewicz, that brings it to at least $30 million. So the Mets are not the new Junkees. When their payroll hits $200 million, then come back to me.

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Anonymous said...

They still will end up behind ATLANTA in the division. They could have a 300 million dollar payroll and they'd still not make the playoffs.