Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jason Michaels, Another Winner

First it was Damon. Then Giles. Then Pierre. Then Rowand. Then, "what the heck, let's just stick Bubba Crosby in there." And the latest CF in the rumor mill: Jason Michaels.

Now, I like the guy's numbers (hard to beat a .399 OBP), and the guy's supposed to be a solid defender. Seems like a good player, even though nobody's really heard of him. This move reminds me of the '90's Yankees, who won with low-key players like Mariano Duncan (which, BTW, was sort of an Aaron Small move. If you would've told me before '96 that the guy would've hit .340, I'd have thought you were nuts. Not to mention the guy went way downhill in '97).

But Michaels hasn't really played every day. He's only had two years of major league experience. So you have no idea if it was all a fluke, if the guy can play 162 games, or if he'll still do as well once the pitchers figure him out.

But the Yanks might strike some gold here, like with Chacon and Small. And Cashman will once again look like a genius.

Just another "nothing-to-lose" move.

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