Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A-Schmuck Didn't Even Deserve It

Forget what Manny said about how meaningless the MVP is if you hit .133 during the playoffs. He's right, but to me, he doesn't even deserve the MVP in the first place!

Suppose the Junkees didn't have A-Rod. They'd still have Derek Cheater, Juice-on Giambi, Shemp, Ringo Posada, and Gary "I'll dog it if they trade me" Sheffield. Still a potent lineup. Sure, I'd probably groan less, but even without A-Schmuck, they'd score a ton of runs. In fact, they scored a ton of runs, second most in the majors. Their problem was pitching; they ranked 22nd in the majors in ERA. Admittedly, A-Schmuck had a great offensive year, but like Manny said, instead of winning 12-5, they won 17-5. Wow.

Ortiz, to me, was more valuable to the Red Sox. Besides all the clutch hits, he was the go-to guy for the Red Sox. I know I didn't trust anyone else in their lineup (Besides Ramirez) to come up with a big hit. Without Ortiz, Boston doesn't sniff the playoffs.

So let the Junkee fans have their moment in the sun. Bottom line, 5 years and still counting.

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Tammy Cutlip said...

I agree. A-rod didn't deserve it this year. - tac - Site Manager for Mega Sporting Goods