Friday, November 04, 2005

George's Latest Fetish: Ex-Managers

We know George has his fetishes for ex-Mets (Cone, Gooden, Strawberry, Leiter, Lawton, Armando, Tony Clark, Bubba Trammell, Ventura, Zeile, Orosco, Darren Bragg, Ryan Thompson, Alberto Castillo, Jose Vizcaino, Lance Johnson, Allen Watson....), ex-Yankees (Tino, Ruben Sierra, Rey Sanchez, Stanton, Mendoza, Jason Anderson, Homer Bush, Gerald Williams, Luis Sojo, Roberto Kelly, Jim Leyritz....), ex-Red Sox (Bellhorn, Embree), and guys who've killed the Yankees in the past (Tony Womack, David Delucci, Jaret Wright, RJ, etc.).

Now we find that he has another fetish, and that is, hiring ex-managers as coaches. He rehired Mazilli, after the Orioles saw that the Junkee mystique is a sham, Larry Bowa at third, Tony Pena at first. George can't dump Mattingly because of PR, but I bet he'd love to. They still need a pitching coach and for PR, that'll likely be Ron Guidry, and for bullpen coach, they're going after... what do you know, another ex-skipper (albeit on an interim basis) Joe Kerrigan!

I know, there's also the element of tweaking Snorre, which cannot be overlooked, and as Manny speculates, a means of having a replacement on-hand.

Ah, George. As my dad would say, the man is cute.

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