Sunday, October 09, 2005

Still a Game 5

So, the Junkees pulled it out. Your typical reverse lock kind of win, with the Junkees beating the Angels' pen, which is usually very effective. If I were a Yankee fan, I'd blame it on that long 7th-inning stretch break. But hey, the Angels just didn't get it done. They got hurt by getting caught stealing a few times, and couldn't get to that middle relief, except for Erstad looking overmatched by, of all people, Al Leiter.

But Junkee fans oughta hold their collective breaths. There is still a game 5 to play. I don't care about momentum. Who was it that said "momentum is as good as your next day's starting pitcher?" And all the momentum in the world didn't help the Red Sox back in '75.

Moose will be pitching in his biggest start since Jason and Jeremy Giambi were juicing each other up back in '01. And apparently, juice doesn't help you remember when to slide, but anyway... If Mussina is anything like he was in game 1, the Junkees have the pitching edge. Hopefully, the Angels have figured the guy out a little bit. Home field advantage should help some, too. Either way, it should be a fun one to watch. It'll be nice to see at least one division series go to game five.


Anonymous said...
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phil said...

Yankees collapse in the fifth game.

Collision in the outfield. Matsui had a brilliant catch in the stands in left but went 0-for-5 on the night with the game-ending groundout. Cano couldn't stay in the basepaths, got called out like a punk rookie.

Couldn't happen to a more expensive team.