Thursday, October 06, 2005


Wednesday night's game had here-we-go-again written all over it. The Junkees were leading, Wang was making Anaheim look like a bunch of little leaguers, and going back to Junkee Stadium up 2-0 meant that they were going to the ALCS, the World Series, and I would be following Nascar in '06.

But A-Schmuck boots a ball (according to Dave Campbell on ESPN-Radio he lost it in the lights), and the Angels tie it up. An inning later Wang throws the ball away, and Orlando Cabrera makes them pay.

It's amazing, last night I was thinking about how Chone Figgins is killing the Angels, how after you get by Vlad, you've got a bunch of easy outs.... but then the errors, Jeter goes 0-5, the Anaheim bullpen shuts Old York down (notwithstanding Jorge Posada's meaningless home run), and now we're all tied up.

Granted, the Junkees have home field advantage for this best-of-three, and Randy goes for them in Game 3, but keep in mind that we don't know for sure which Randy Johnson will show up (he wasn't exactly a Cy Young candidate this year), the Angels are not afraid of the Junkees, and Paul Byrd is no slouch himself (in fact, he had a better ERA than Johnson).

Anything can happen, and the Junkees could take care of business the way they did with the Twins last year. But the Junkee magic ain't what it used to be.

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