Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Luck? What Luck?

On Monday night, during Game 5, I was on Baseball Musings, along with Junkee fans and fellow Junkee haters, and as soon as Erstad flipped the ball to K-Rod to end the game, the pathetic Junkee fans started complaining that a best-of-5 series is all luck, a crapshoot, and all that, and even a best-of-7, because even great teams could have a bad 7 games....

Cut the bullsh.

How come when the Junkees won the 11 postseason series in a row, from '98-'01, none of the Junkee fans said anything about luck? "We didn't win the World Series in '98 because we got lucky; we were better than everyone else! 125 wins!" Likewise in '99 and 2000. But when they lose, it's because the other teams got lucky.

I guess whining and excuse-making is not exclusive to Snorre and company; it's contagious, and apparently, the Junkee fans have picked up on it. The callers on WFAN said that the ump calling Cano out on the strikeout was unfair, because even though it's in the rulebook, it's hardly enforced. Hey cop, the other guy was going 80, too!

The Junkees won those series back then because they were the better team. They've lost every season since 2001 because they were the inferior team. They have lousy pitching, crummy defense, and not enough clutch players. Ca$hman has wasted a ton of dough (as Manny has pointed out), Snorre has made many questionable moves, and they have selfish idiots, such as Shemp, who has to keep his Japanese streak alive.

But I'm not complaining. I'm just loving it, soaking it all up. See you in '06! The curse of Jeff Nelson lives on!


Michael Leggett said...

It was a 14 Game WS Winning Streak, beginning with Game 3 of the '96 WS. The streak ended in '00 WS Game 3 @ Shea Stadium, which signified that DFYankees Fortunes were to be abruptly-reversed.

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